New Year 2010

It is a great day for resolutions. One of my many is to reclaim this space and make it useful.

I get blogging. I understand the power that comes from blogging especially in terms of professional development. I started this blog at the end of last summer (ah, last summer …it’s -30° this morning!) with the intention of entering a post every week or two. As I anticipated reality happened and as I became increasingly busy I stopped after just 3 posts.

How do I accomplish, then, my good intention to post every couple of weeks as we enter 2010? Time seems to be such an enemy. How can I create time to blog when I already don’t have enough time to do all of my school work, have time for my family and time for myself. The answer is easy. I can’t. It is impossible to create time. I can, however, manage my time more effectively. Yes. It is time to return to Covey. He is sitting on my file cabinet in the office. It’s time to work in Q2, to sharpen the saw and to place all of my big rocks.

How will I know I am successful? This space will be my assessment. Another of my resolutions is to complete a 365 project. I have decided to post my daily photos here. By doing this I will be forced to update this blog daily thereby reminding me to do a post every week or two.

Happy New Year to all… oh and yes I need to lose 15 lbs.


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