lemonadeWe squeezed a lot of energy from our entire staff on Friday. It was the first day back to school for all staff and before we got back to work I shared some thoughts on the year. My talk focused on the unexpected. I told the staff that rarely do things turn out as we expect they will. Putting some teachers in role play situations emphasized this with hilarious results. We went on to talk about keeping positive when things do go wrong and enjoying the workplace and those around us. Thank God it’s Monday…
We went on to talk about new initiatives this year. Music classes have returned to HPS after a 2 year absence. We are implementing Early Literacy from K-2 as well as a tech infusion model that sees a tech leader come into the classroom twice a week to work with students and the homeroom teacher. Will all these new initiatives work perfectly? No, but if we expect the unexpected and deal with the problems that arise in a positive manner we will succeed.
We ended buy saying “If life gives you lemons…” at which point a colleague introduced our first ever “Lemonade Off”! Teams of table partners scurried around the library hunting for the 45 lemons hidden there. Other members gathered strainers, jugs, glasses, garnishes, etc.. Twenty minutes later a taste test was judged by myself and our presenter. The results were fantastic. The lemonade was fantastic, the presentations and concoctions were varied and original. Once again the staff of HPS used cooperation and resourcefulness to accomplish a delicious task. I can hardly wait for Monday, our students are very fortunate!


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