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Wheres the mouse?

Where's the mouse?

I remember twenty some odd years ago, speaking with a colleague about the potential of computers in education. “Wouldn’t it be neat if you could show a map on the screen” I said, “then pick a country or a province and information would pop up.” “They are doing that!” my friend replied. Soon after our Apple 2 E’s were out and the shiny Windows 95 with the encyclopedia disc (that you could click on a map with) were in. And so was I. Ever since when planning units I have tried to ask myself ‘how could I teach this using technology?’

I continue to look for value and opprotunity when it comes to educational technology. As we enter into a new school year at HPS I am excited about what is happening there. This year we have 2 teachers serving as technology leaders. Wendy will go into each grade K-5 class twice a week to work along side the classroom teacher to infuse technology into whatever subject the teacher chooses. Brent will do the same in grades 6 and 8 and I will join Brent twice a week with  his homeroom grade 7’s .

Wendy, Brent and I will be meeting to discuss the nuts and bolts of our infusion plan so we can present to the teachers on opening day. We need to look at potential problems such as time to plan with the homeroom teachers, sharing workload, learning new technologies, etc. Our hope is that our students will be able to become well versed in the technologies available to them. We also believe that all of our teachers will benefit in the same way.

I am feeling very positive that our plan to infuse technology is going to take off, but I am a glass half full type. I intend to monitor and mentor this program closely and use this space to share what we come up with.


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